Babar Haq

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Access samba share in windows domain environment

Here is how to access a samba/window's share using smbclient if you are in a windows domain environment. In this example I will access a windows share from linux using a windows domain user account.

Windows availabe share: testshare
This is name of the share which is made available by "right-click" methodology on a folder in windows.

Windows machine IP: w.x.y.z

Windows domain name: TESTDOMAIN

Windows domain username: testuser

#smbclient '\\w.x.y.z/testshare' -W TESTDOMAIN -U testuser

Upon entering this command you would be asked for your testuser account's password. Once you give the password you will be logged in to your share with this prompt

smb: \>

Type help to see what commands are avialable.


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