Babar Haq

Monday, May 30, 2005

Well since I got my new toshiba laptop with 17 inch screen I have been trying to watch movies. I wonder what is wrong with me. I cannot enjoy movies anymore. I watched "Interview with the vampire"and "Minority Reports". Both the movies are supposed to be blockbusters but I really had a hard time watching these movies to completion. It is so hard to keep my concentration in the movie.

Today what I did after work was to go to and listened to all my favourite old amitabh songs. It was a pleasure.

"Sara Zamana from yaarana" which had Amitabh bachan all ligthed up.:) On his dressings boundary there were small twinkling lights. Reminded me a lot about my childhood in UAE. Well still love big B's style. My wife often laughes at me "What do u like about his style".
"Rootya hoay aatay haain sub from muqadar ka sikandar". Here amitabh is on his motor bike and feeling on top of the world. I just loved to sing this song when I used to have my honda 125 in islamabad. Well all this brings fraz to my mind. So i smsed him asking him "Muree jaaana hai".

Listening to these songs really cheered me up and reduced my agony of being away from my loved ones. The amount of fame Allah have given to Amitabh just amazez me.


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