Babar Haq

Monday, March 29, 2004

Had a very tough weekend. It seems like that i dont have weekends anymore. Its like I am working 24-7-365. Since our dvb card from Germany havent arrived yet, Hasnain and I decided to set up ISA server using the pentanet card I borrowed from Hamayun. We ended up spending whole of saturday night in iinix trying to set up that shitty server. Guess how many times we had to reboot that machine. The minimum would be 30 times and maximum could be upto around 50 times. I really wonder why people say that its easy to setup things on windows. Anyway we were glad, when in the morning at around 5:30 we were able to make our squid gateway work through that ISA server.
Somethings were still left. We had to set it up without a monitor, mouse and keyboard. We were planning to use VNC. Both of us were too tired to do anything else so we left for home and came back next day in the afternoon.After completing the setup we wrote a brief document on how to monitor that server using VNC.
After that Hasnain and I thought of having some entertainment. I took my bros car(as usuall) and went to pick up Fraz from his place. We were planning to dine out. Fraz had already took his dinner. All three of us went to Melody Food Park. There Hasnain and I ate chiken handi from Jehangir. It was around 9 30 and we wanted to have coffee at some cool place. Isalambad doesent have much places so we ended up at coolza. The coffee was good and so was some the english music they were playing. Came home around 11 and passed out.:)
I am worried about my prayers these days. There always comes a time when i just stop praying 4 times a day. I really dont really understand what goes wrong?


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