Babar Haq

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Here is how i configured b2c2 (skystar2) card on fedora core 2 linux (standard out of the box). We were availing this service from their resellers gerry's net pakistan.I have to let everyone know that this was only possible cause of my very good friend hasnain (

These r the steps i followed to make it work.
#modporbe skystar2
#modprobe stv0299

I downloaded the dvb utilitis package from (linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.x.x).You dont need to download the drivers cause b2c2 driver is availabe in kernel 2.6.I then ran a script provided in the package to create the dvb interface the filename was something like have to add a group by the name of video b4 running this script.
#addgroup video

szap is another utility provided in the linyxtv-dvb-app package.Then i use szap to lock the frequecny by issuing the command
#szap opensky
the opensky entry in channels.conf was this
You have to keep szap running .

dvbnet is also another utility provided in linyxtv-dvb-app package.After this i use dvbnet to bring up the interface with the pid given to me by opensky
#dvbnet -p 3010
This create a network interface by the name of dvb0_0

After bringing up the interface i use ifconfig to bring up the interface with the appropriate ip and hw address like this(the ip address i got this from the windows machine
i was running the b2c2 card on)
#ifconfig dvb0_0 netmask hw ether

well then i connect my dial up and login to, put the opensky proxy in my browser and enjoy opensky services.

Commercial support is available: