Babar Haq

Thursday, April 08, 2004

The dvb card skystar 2 is here but we cant put it to use. Well thats the problem with open source stuff. All the drivers and softwares are released only for windows:P. Sajjad have stopped working on it. Hasnain and I still plan to give it a last try.
Well in comcept I am stuck with .net platform. Have to create new graphical user interface for our Payphone Network management system.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Ok the dvb card is here at last. The box was nice. We are still testing it with our old linux PI machine. We are putting it on kernel 2.6. Well to be straight its not working right now. I have mailed the company for any support they can provide. The card is supported on linux so should be only a matter of time.
The decision to set up an ISA server until this cards come was superb. Internet bandwidth being consumed through our dsl connection has diminished remarkably. The only thing bothering me is that, in case, the dial up disconnects you have to maunually set it up to serve the clients thorugh dish.
Never in my life i ever thought that running a business could be so stressful. Its always on your mind. Your mind is full of questions like "Why dont we do this? That should be better?". Even in your sleep you are thinking how to make it better. Recently Sufi in his dream got stuck in STP 2 elevator after having a meeting with PSEB:).