Babar Haq

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Exit re-entry status

Expats living in saudi arabia know what all this is about. Luckily you can check status of your exit re-entry online now. Though it does not always work :)



  • long long time that I have been to your page, will do it more if you promise to write more :) your one or two liners and my buhat lambay replies :D

    16th april, as they say, you shall be here with me ! hope to enjoy and working my Bxxt off to get this promotion before you come here... Salman land as always is a BIG pending...while combing my hair, or lets say while trying to comb my remaining hair, i see his watch in front of me every day and promise my self that I will go to FSD with you this time and meet him.

    By Blogger Aijaz Ahmed, At 10:10 AM  

  • dood, kabhi kaam bhee ker liya karo.

    I wish, Babar Haq.

    By Blogger, At 7:32 PM  

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